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My name is Megan...some know me as Molly. I am your average Jill of all trades and master of ...well...some. Ok, maybe not a master (yet!), but skilled craftsman at least.

A little history of me. I grew up in southern Maryland, in a small bay town called Chesapeake Beach. I graduated from Frostburg State University with major in ceramics and sculpture and minor in art history. I ran a blacksmith shop at Spruce Forest Artisan Village in Grantsville MD. Moved to Austin Texas and (with a few other like minded friends) started a gallery called Greater Austin Garbage Arts (GAGA). All of the art was made from 50% or more recycled/reclaimed materials and we taught various art classes using reclaimed materials. I helped produce shows like Art Outside and others like it at the Enchanted Forest (a unique venue in Austin TX now lost to its population boom...or more like explosion). I will skip the other boring stuff and synopse the rest...met the love of my life, moved to back to Maryland, then to Northwestern Pennsylvania to care for my elders and is where I currently call home.   

I enjoy all things creative and dabble in a variety of media.... anything from found object assemblage to pastel drawings, but my trade of choice is metal!  I create fine art jewelry from brass, copper, silver and semi-precious stones. My jewelry aesthetics changes, as all art does, depending on my mood and surrounding influences. Jewelry artist and master craftsman, Doug Salmon, is and always will be my teacher, mentor and main influence of my work. He showed me how to manipulate brass and copper to create one of a kind jewelry with organic flowing lines and rich red heat coloring.




Edinboro, PA

+1 443-624-2864